Life Update: March

Hi queens! I hope all is well. I'm currently on spring break after a stressful second trimester of school. Physically, I'm doing great. I've been intuitively eating ( so many bagels) and I've been taking many walks. My biggest tip for a mental health boost is to simply go outside. There have been many days where getting outside seems like the most boring, difficult thing in the world, but once I do, it changes everything. Now mentally, I've also been pretty good. (sometimes I think about how the word "pretty" when put before something means it's subpar, like "pretty good," but the word "pretty" also means beautiful and it turns into this coveted thing that everyone wants. I know the words, while the same, don't really correlate but I thought it was interesting.) There have been plenty of stresses in my life at the moment but I think I'm dealing with them pretty well because I'm still here and feeling happy.

Is anyone else like a huge escapist? I constantly find myself drowning in fantasy movies and TV shows just so I don't have to deal with reality. I'll watch chick flicks and comfort shows over and over again because it gives me something else to do than actually actively exist in the world. But doing this, "escaping" leaves me feeling sad most of the time, and even more stressed out because I missed the present. If you are an escapist, for whatever reason it may be, whether your real life is f'ed up or not, the best advice I could ever give to you is: find people in the world who don't make you want to escape anymore. Find people who make you want to live everyday in the real, sucky world, because without it, they wouldn't exist. Make a list even! Make a list of people who don't make you want to escape and keep writing that list every week, every month, until one of the names on that list is yourself.

Happy Spring Break! (If you ever want to reach out I would love to talk with you! So would Miranda!)

- Love Lila

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