Let's Talk Summer Bodies

The obsession and necessity for a “summer body” is a fad completely created to get your money into a company's pocket. When you search up “summer body” on Google you are flooded with links titled, “how to get your summer body,” or “6 exercises to get your summer body.” Diet culture has deep roots in our society and it can be hard to ignore when winter turns into spring, IE, right now.

Last summer The Chloe Ting Challenge was extremely popular, but it had negative mental and physical effects on many people who struggle with body image. Our society needs to remove the pressure to workout when the seasons become warmer.

There is no rulebook that says you need a “summer body.” It should be emphasized that “summer body” advertising is a money making tactic. People make money off of your body insecurities and they will probably never stop. We need to recognize that these brands and companies have ulterior motives and do not take our mental, or even physical health into account.

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