Kendall Jenner Causing Body Insecurities

In a recent Valentine’s Day SKIMS photoshoot, Kendall Jenner posted several photos of her praised body type that caused fans on twitter to share their insecurities.

Twitter; @katieegreen

It is completely understandable for people to feel insecure when compared to the 25 year old model. The Kardashian family is not new to posting diet fads, waist slimmers, and of course countless pictures of their bodies that most people idolize. It is not wrong for them to post these photos, while triggering and toxic, they have the right to post what they choose. But it gets to a point where an influencer should remind fans that their bodies are edited, angled, airbrushed, etc. The body type that Kendall is parading on her instagram is simply unrealistic for an average human being.

Jenner’s posts are prime examples of toxic beauty standards that are now just reinforced. Sadly, it’s not within our power to do anything about this. It’s not our job to try and get people to turn against the model or the Kardashian family. All we need to do is make sure that we are okay and remind ourselves how the body type that she is emphasizing is her’s, not yours, not mine.

Twitter; @esshhaal

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