Coming Into My Confidence

After a recent purchase of a Cottage-core inspired dress, my confidence has had quite the breakthrough. There were several things that contributed to this: the dress, bad bi*ch music, and the best of all, me refraining from looking in mirrors. You would think (I know I did) that confidence comes from looking in the mirror and feeling pretty, right? Personally, I've realized that long lasting confidence never stemmed from my appearance. I am actually a much happier person when I forget about my looks entirely. Because what is confidence? How do you define confidence? To me, confidence is when you know your worth and think that you are an amazing person, but no greater than anyone else. I don't need to be the best in the room to feel confident, I just need to know that no matter how great someone is, I am no less. There is room enough in the world for two great people. This past week I have felt more myself than ever, and more empowered and internally beautiful than I have in months. My appearance has nothing to do with how great of a person I am, and my confidence has nothing to do with my appearance anymore. I love you!

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