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"How do I stop comparing myself to people on social media?"

Not everything on the internet is how it seems.

It's undeniable that Instagram models and Tiktok stars show the best versions of themselves on the internet. While these women are absolutely beautiful, it is important to remember that you are not any less than that. I know from my own experience that makeup, lighting, and poses can completely transform a person or his/her/their photo. Whenever I find myself wishing I looked like a certain celebrity or a girl on Instagram, I remember that life is not always a competition. There is enough room for two beautiful people, not just one. So the next time you see an Instagram model who appears to resemble the beauty standard, say to yourself, "She is beautiful, and so am I."

- Miranda

"How can I learn to love my body?"

Remember what your body does for you!

When struggling with self-love, it is so so important to remember why your body is the way it is. Your arms are strong and help you carry things from place to place. Your legs can walk and run and swim and they work all day to keep you lifted off the ground. Your body hair protects your skin and your tummy hold your food, keeping you alive. Maybe one day, your body will carry a child and create a new life. These are the things that make your body beautiful, not the size of your nose or the shape of your hips. Your body is strong, powerful, and absolutely incredible. Oh, and by the way, Aphrodite didn't have an hourglass figure. :)

- Miranda

"What are some tips to relieve stress?"

Remember how small you are in such a big world.

Whether you're fifteen or fifty, everyone gets stressed out. If you ever feel like the whole world is closing in you, remember who you are and why you're here. You might be stressed about getting a bad grade or not getting a lot of likes on a social media post, but these are only two examples of problems that will not matter in ten years. You might be stressed because when you look in the mirror, you don't like what you see, or people have told you that you aren't beautiful. In this situation, you must remember that you are indeed beautiful, and no one can say or do anything to change that. I want to be remembered for being a kind and loving person, not having the ideal body type.

- Miranda

"How do I become confident?"

A step in the right direction...

Obviously, with self confidence it is not a one and done thing. It takes time and recognition and intent. But there is always a place to start! I recommend facing your fears little by little, complimenting yourself, and not feeling like you ever have to compete with someone else. There is enough room in the world for the both of you.


- Lila

"How do I feel pretty?"

Beauty is subjective if you choose it to be.

What ever made you not feel pretty? Was it another person? Or a comparison you made from you to someone else? Every human I've met has not felt pretty at some point and while the answer is extremely complex, there are things you can do to help you feel beautiful. Let's start by recognizing, and believing that beauty is subjective. Then the notion becomes true that just because another person calls you pretty, it doesn't make you prettier. It's the same in the negative, just because someone called you ugly doesn't mean you're any less beautiful. It's time for you to put your beauty into your own hands.


- Lila

"What if i'm not good enough?"

You are enough.

Self doubt is something that is completely normal, but just because it's normal doesn't mean it's right. You should not feel selfish for thinking that you are more than enough. Every person on this earth is a special being, someone who is not just here to exist but to live and enjoy life. This "what if" you're feeling could possibly be from fear. There are a million "what if's." But the more we focus on them, the less we are really living. All we have is now, don't let days pass you by. You are enough.


- Lila